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Deluxe 4 Bed Moving Pack 60 boxes
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RRP: £61.59

Price: 55.99 inc.

You save: £5.60 (10%)

Availability: In stock.

Our 4 bedroom moving pack is great value and packed with high quality removal boxes. Ideal when you are moving and have a lot of things to move, wrap and protect. This pack includes: 45 B1 Large boxes 18"x10"x12" 11 B6 Medium boxes 12"x9.5"x9.5" 4 B2 Extra large boxes 18"x18"x20" 50 Sheets of glass/china wrap paper 15m Bubble wrap 2 Packing tapes Tape Gun Pen Price includes FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY.



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Deluxe 4 Bed Moving Pack 60 boxes